Our Model

White Flag Model


Small groups of men who meet consistently each week at an appointed day, time and location
Bible study focused purely on Scripture and organized by book, with one chapter covered each week.  Shared reading of Scripture facilitated by a leader that rotates through the group each week on a volunteer basis.  Reading and discussion of Scripture for personal transformation, not just information:

Example- Know, Feel, Do?

Know: Understand what God wants to teach us about who He is.

Feel: Identify specific emotions produced by what God wants us to know.

Do:  Translating what God wants us to know and feel into personal application for our


 Prayer Time

Opening prayer to commit our time and attention to God.
Closing prayer to share needs, requests and praises.

Fellowship: “Doing life together”

Permission to share openly and transparently, including personal challenges and struggles.
Commitment to confidentiality.
Respectful discussion and debate.
No judgment or trying to “fix” each other.

Scripture Bible Fellowship Example

We have also seen this model backed by scripture through the book of Nehemiah. In Nehemiah Chapter 8 the community gather together with a unified purpose. That unified purpose was to come together and read the scriptures. The following was revealed through this chapter:

  • It was planned.
  • The scriptures were read aloud.
  • The people were attentive and listening.
  • They took time to clearly explain what was being read.
  • They read, stopped, explained, and then repeated this process as they read on.
  • The people listened and understood.
  • God’s Word convicted them – The people looked at what The Word said and then started to wrestle and evaluate their own lives and actions.
  • They started asking deeper questions.
  • They looked at God’s Word in great detail and ultimately chose to make changes in their lives by following God’s Word.
  • In short, they read from transformations not just information.